Meet Our SBIR Phase 0 Teams

A research team in the lab.

Meet Our SBIR Phase 0 Teams

Seven teams were accepted into the UNY I-Corps SBIR Phase 0 program and they are currently building entrepreneurial skills and exploring their product markets in the I-Corps Teams program.

After they test their market fit and refine their business models, they will receive follow-on workshops and support to launch a new business and seek initial capital from the SBIR program and investors.

The desired outcome is to increase SBIR Phase 1 success rates and to increase the number, pace, and success rate of “deep technology” startups formed in Upstate New York and the Northeast.

Meet the Teams:

Harmonigenic (Rochester, NY)

  • Innovation: Photonics assay predicting the previously unknown risk of cancer recurrence through metastasis.
  • Entrepreneurial Lead: Robert Hill
  • Technical Lead: Seth Perry
  • Mentor: Mike Hortiatis

TRANSFR Inc (New York, NY)

  • Innovation: Data mining protocol using data from a virtual reality (VR) learning experiences to measure the efficacy of learning in VR.
  • Entrepreneurial Lead: Bharani Rajakumar
  • Technical Lead: Sujith Gowda
  • Mentor: Pranav Bhakta, Julius Tobin

3AM Innovations (Buffalo, NY)

  • Innovation: Indoor Positioning System (IPS) that will track firefighters in real-time.
  • Entrepreneurial Lead: Patrick O’Connor, Sarah Taylor
  • Technical Lead: Ryan Litt
  • Mentor: Steve Nicosia

Bitome (Cambridge, MA)

  • Innovation: A portable 1H NMR spectrometer for in vivo biometric monitoring.
  • Entrepreneurial Lead: Herb Ryan
  • Technical Lead: Jens Hoefflin
  • Mentor: Aylit Schultz

Heat Inverse (Ithaca, NY)

  • Innovation: A photonic thin-film cooling concept to develop microfabricated materials that get cold with zero-energy input.
  • Entrepreneurial Lead: Romy Fain
  • Technical Lead: Heather Ahmad
  • Mentor: Michelle Kortenaar

Comake (New York, NY)

  • Innovation: Builds and tracks the relationships between components of work within communication, project management, and storage systems / services both retroactively and in real-time to provide context around each file, message, and task.
  • Entrepreneurial Lead: Andres Gutierrez
  • Technical Lead: Adler Faulkner
  • Mentor: Andrew Wilson

Insightfil (Cambridge, MA)

  • Innovation: Personalized medication delivery system coupled with a cloud-connected mobile app that the patient uses to support taking their right medications at the right times.
  • Entrepreneurial Lead: Ted Acworth
  • Technical Lead: Mike Trachtman
  • Mentor: Ted Werth