Node Sponsorship for I-Corps Teams

Qualified teams may be eligible for a $30,000 grant to participate in the national I-Corps Teams program.

In recognition that there are strong teams with innovative, “deep technology” inventions who are not eligible for the I-Corps Teams program as defined by the current solicitation (NSF 21-552), NSF has authorized our Node to screen and nominate “Node Sponsored” Teams to participate in the national I-Corps Teams program.

Two Kinds of Teams Can Apply for Node Sponsorship:

Mentor Pilot Node Teams

  • must have NSF lineage to be eligible for the national I-Corps Teams program through a recent NSF funded research award, as defined in the I-Corps Teams Solicitation (currently NSF 21-552)
  • must consist of at least two members, with connection to the technology development, to serve as Entrepreneurial Lead and Technical Lead
  • apart from the lack of an I-Corps Mentor, must follow the same functional team structure requirements as the traditional I-Corps Teams program, as described in the I-Corps Teams Solicitation (currently NSF 21-552)

Standard Node Sponsored Team

  • must have deep technology that was developed at a university and/or with the support of a federal grant
  • must complete an I-Corps Site or Node regional course run by an active I-Corps Site or Node and overseen by the Node
  • must be nominated for the national program through the Node pre-screening process and then approved by NSF
  • must demonstrate a reasonable connection to the university community
  • must not be otherwise eligible for the national I-Corps program as defined by the current/active I-Corps Teams Solicitation (currently NSF 21-552)

Interested? Email the UNY I-Corps Node for more info.

Node Sponsorship: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is involved with the I-Corps Teams national program?

A: Find out more about the I-Corps Teams national program HERE.


Q: What are the pre-requisites to be eligible for Node sponsorship?

A:  NSF lineage is required. Teams who don’t have prior NSF research funding must complete a regional UNY I-Corps Regional Course and be recommended by the Site or Node instructor team who ran the course.


Q: What does “Reasonable university affiliation” mean?

A: “Reasonable university affiliation” means that you are a current student or faculty at a university, or a recent graduate, active alumni, or part of a university affiliated incubator or accelerator program or university sponsored grant program.


Q: How is the Node Sponsorship different than the Standard Teams program?

A: Teams applying for Node Sponsorship are not eligible for the traditional Teams Program according to NSF Solicitation 18-15. Teams awarded Node sponsorship will receive funding from the UNY Node, rather than the NSF.


Q: What is the application process for the Node Sponsorship?

A: The UNY Node Team will vet and select teams, and nominate them to NSF.  Teams will be interviewed by NSF, who has final approval. If approved by NSF, teams will complete a full proposal and submit it to the Node. The Node will manage the team’s grant and expense reimbursements.