Ramagine Reimagines Cybersecurity

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Ramagine Reimagines Cybersecurity

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UNY I-Corps alumni, Ramagine, is making waves in the information security space. Reverse engineering, or the process in which software, structures, or products are deconstructed to extract valuable design and implementation information, has outdated, disjointed workflows with zero means of collaborative analysis, as well as a global talent shortage.

Co-founders Cameron Hackett and Lucien Brulé were determined to tackle this problem by removing friction across malware analysis teams and lowering the barrier to entry for organizations of all sizes to access reversing talent. With a solution in mind, they launched Ramagine in 2019 with the succinct tagline: “We give reverse engineers superpowers.”

Ramagine offers community and enterprise reversers a tool agnostic SaaS (software as a service) platform for efficient collaboration and analysis, saving clients time, money, and resources. Additionally, the platform is also an entry point for lesser resourced organizations in need of reversing skills to access a vetted talent marketplace for on demand services.

The startup is experiencing steady user growth on their platform and is currently working on proof-of-concept deals with household name brands. They are also in the final stages of a seed funding round.

Upon completing an I-Corps Regional Course, Ramagine recruited an advisory board that includes senior security intelligence engineer, Kristin Del Rosso; reverse engineering and cyber policy expert, Alexei Bulazel; serial entrepreneur, Reg Harnish; and international security expert, Matthew Devost.

Hackett and Brulé, recent alums of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, attribute much of their success to I-Corps. They participated in the program during their junior year of college and conducted customer discovery research, which allowed them to fine-tune their value proposition and gain additional entrepreneurial training. Additionally, the pair was able to attend the world-renowned RSA Security Conference in San Francisco, where they conducted further customer discovery interviews and expanded their valuable business network.

“We learned from seasoned professionals and were able to apply their knowledge immediately in the real world,” said Hackett.

“Not only did the program teach us how to correctly approach initial discovery conversations—for which we ended up completing over 200—but we also learned how to grow and maintain professional networks—many of which are still intact today that have proven invaluable as we continue to expand our business.”

The founders urge other entrepreneurial-minded students to participate in the course to gain real-world experience and get a head start on founding a startup of their own.

“This is unlike any other class,” said Brulé. “It connects everything to the real world. I-Corps makes all your other classes make sense.”