What is the I-Corps Experience Really Like?

We interviewed several teams moments after they completed their final presentations and asked them what they liked, what was difficult, and whether they would do it again. See what they had to say:

The I-Corps Teams program, funded by the National Science Foundation, offers workshops and mentorship to help scientific researchers become entrepreneurs. The program provides funding for teams to validate their customer market so they can confidently choose whether to pursue commercialization and prepare to apply for SBIR funding.

Advice for teams preparing for I-Corps

The national I-Corps Teams program is a challenging, yet very rewarding experience for many researchers. See some tips from teams that have completed the program.

Why do the I-Corps Teams program?

The I-Corps Teams program helps researchers look at their innovation from a different perspective and understand what the public needs and wants. Then, they can confidently further evolve their innovation and research to solve that market demand.

“Go” or “No Go”

After conducting 100+ customer interviews, I-Corps Teams need to decide whether their innovation is ready for further commercialization and whether they have a valid market fit.

I-Corps Aha Moments

Teams in the national I-Corps Teams program share what they were surprised to learn about their target markets.

“The NSF I-Corps and SBIR Phase 0 programs gave us the opportunity to find customers, but more importantly, they taught us how to find customers.”
– Romy Fain, Heat Inverse


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